Dynamic matrix predictive control on DC- AC modular multilevel converter: Design, control and real-Time simulation Conference Paper uri icon


  • This paper presents an indirect model predictive control to develop a direct power regulator for a modular multilevel converter connected to a high voltage direct current bus line, where the main task is to bidirectionally transfer active power to the grid and simultaneously compensate reactive power. The main advantage, of the proposed dynamic matrix control methodology, is to capture the system dynamics instated of use a mathematical model with the purpose of dealing with some issues like coupled variable States and non-minimum phase behavior. The use of long-length horizons as well as the low control frequency are other relevant characteristics. Other essential part of the control scheme is the nearest level modulation technique that together with the phase disposition pulse-width modulation allow to naturally balance the capacitor voltages of the converter. In order to illustrate the performance of all stages and the viability of controlling a high combinational converter with a predictive methodology, the full power converter, the modulation technique and the control scheme are tested on the real-time simulation environment OPAL- RT. . © 2017 IEEE.

publication date

  • 2017-01-01