Reduction of ageing time of bovine meat by intermittent thermal treatments Article uri icon


  • Semimembranosus and Semitendinosus muscles (one day after slaughter) were used to study intermittent thermal treatments of 4-20 and 4-25°C as an alternative method to reduce ageing time and improve beef tenderness. A number of samples thermostated at 4°C were used as the basis for comparison. The evolution of muscle tenderness with storage time was measured by the compression method using an INSTRON 4442 machine at 20%25 deformation. At the end of the thermal treatment process, weight loss in muscle was determined and a sensory evaluation of meat was carried out. It was found that intermittent thermal treatment reduced the ageing time by 50-70%25 in relation to studies done at 4°C. However, muscle weight loss was elevated, varying from 10 to 15%25 compared to 5%25 observed on the samples treated at 4°C. The results of the sensory evaluation indicated that meat tenderness treated at 4-20 and 4-25°C was comparable to samples treated at 4°C (p < 0.10). Copyright © Taylor %26 Francis Inc.

publication date

  • 2005-01-01