A digital twin concept for manufacturing systems Conference Paper uri icon


  • With the developments and applications of the advanced information technologies such as cloud computing, internet of thing, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing era are coming. In this respect, one of the specific challenges is to achieve a connection of physical resources on the shop floor with virtual resources, for real-time response, real time process optimization, and simulation, which is merged by big data problem. In this respect, Digital Twins (DT) concept is introduced as a key technology, which includes physical resources, virtual resources, service system, and digital twin data. DT considers current condition of physical resource and prediction of future events to make a responsive decision. However, due to the complexity of building a digital equivalent in virtual space to its physical counterpart, very little applications have been developed with this purpose, especially in the industrial manufacturing area. Therefore, the types of data and technology required to build the DT for a manufacturing system are presented in this work, trying to develop a framework of DT based manufacturing system, which is supported by the virtual reality for virtualization of physical resources. Copyright © 2018 ASME

publication date

  • 2018-01-01