Application of Antioxidants as an Alternative Improving of Shelf Life in Foods Article uri icon


  • Oxidation is the main problem in preserving food products during storage. A relatively novel strategy is the use of antioxidant-enriched edible films. Antioxidants hinder reactive oxygen species, which mainly affect fats and proteins in food. At present, these films have been improved by the addition of micro- and nanoliposomes coated with carbohydrate polymers, which are not hazardous for human health and can be ingested without risk. The liposomes are loaded with different antioxidants, and their effects are observed as a longer storage time of the food product. The synergy of these methodologies and advances can lead to the displacement of the protective packaging used currently, which would result in food products with functional properties added by the films, an increase in shelf life, and an improvement to the environment by reducing the amount of waste.

publication date

  • 2021-01-01