A configurable CMOS memory platform for 3D-integrated memristors Conference Paper uri icon


  • Memristors are emerging as powerful nanoscale devices for diverse applications, such as high-density memories and neuromorphic applications. However, this nascent technology requires considerable advancement before this vision is realized. We present a highly configurable CMOS interface chip which enables the characterization of on-chip memristors, especially for memory applications. The chip was fabricated in On-Semi 3M2P 0.5 μm occupying 2×2 mm2. The chip design allows for post-CMOS fabrication of memristors. The interface between the memristor and the CMOS circuitry was provided via a top metal contact. The chip was designed to support an area-distributed interface decoupling CMOS pitch and memristor pitch, enabling high-density memristor integration. Measurement results on post-CMOS fabricated Ag/SiO2/Pt memristive devices are reported. Though we have shown the results from one memristive material stack, thorough chip characterization demonstrates the versatility of the chip enabling its use with a wide variety of materials stacks. © 2015 IEEE.

publication date

  • 2015-01-01