Extended corresponding states model for predictions liquefied natural gas densities [Método extendido de estados correspondientes para la predicción de densidades de gas natural licuado] Article uri icon


  • This paper presents a method based on the corresponding states principle for predicting the density of a fluid given a minimum amount of information. The method is based on a molecular formulation of the principle of corresponding states, using methane as a reference fluid. The densities of the various natural gas mixtures were calculated at temperatures between 95 and 50 K and compared with experimental data and with predictions of two correlations and eight equations of state. The proposed corresponding states method is the most accurate and reliable correlation to predict saturated liquid densities, and gives deviations lower than 0.1%25 for natural gas and less than 0.2%25 for liquefied petroleum gas.

publication date

  • 2008-01-01