Removal of Chromium (VI) from aqueous solutions by fungal biomass of paecilomyces sp [Remoción de Cromo (VI) en solución acuosa por la biomasa celular de paecilomyces sp] Article uri icon


  • The objective of this work was to determine the removal of Chromium (VI) on the Paecilomyces sp.; fungal biomass, spectrophotometrically using diphenylcarbazide as the complexing agent. The highest adsorption was obtained at pH= 1.0±0.2, at 50°C after 16 hours of incubation, with 7.2 mg/200 mL of initial concentration of Chromium (VI) and 80 mg/200 mL of cellular biomass. It was concluded that application of this biomass on the removal of Cr (VI) in aqueous solutions can be used since 1 g of fungal biomass remove 100 mg/200 mL of this metal after three hours of incubation.

publication date

  • 2008-01-01