Optical imaging of acute epileptic networks in mice Article uri icon


  • The potential of intrinsic optical imaging and resting-state analysis under anesthetized conditions as a tool to study brain networks associated with epileptic seizures is investigated. Using an acute model of epileptiform activity, the 4-aminopyridine model in live mice, we observe the changes in resting-state networks with the onset of seizure activity and in conditions of spiking activity. Resting-state networks identified before and after the onset of epileptiform activity show both decreased and increased homologous correlations, with a small dependence on seizure intensity. The observed changes are not uniform across the different hemodynamic measures, suggesting a potential decoupling between blood flow and metabolism in the low-frequency networks. This study supports the need for a more extensive investigation of epileptic networks including more than one independent hemodynamic measurement. © The Authors.

publication date

  • 2013-01-01