Analysis of quadratic step-down DC-DC converters based on noncascading structures Conference Paper uri icon


  • In the technical literature has been reported the array of dc-dc basic switching converters to increase power handling capabilities on dc-dc applications. In this paper, switching step-down dc-dc converters based in the principle of reduced redundant power processing (R2P2) are presented. This principle states that the noncascading connection of dc-dc basic converters increases the efficiency on array of converters, from the theoretical point of view. The resulting converters are formed by a pair of L-C networks and a pair of active switches. Also, they have wide conversion ratios and quadratic dependence with respect to the duty ratio. Voltage conversion ratios and steady-state operating conditions are derived. Simulations and experimental results are given to verify the converter characteristics. © 2012 IEEE.

publication date

  • 2012-01-01