My-heart project: Analysis of sleep and stress profiles from biomedical signal Conference Paper uri icon


  • Advances in micro and nanotechnology, wireless technology, word-wide web networking, biomedical digital signal processing, textile tissue and implantable devices, etc. have permitted the development of alternative solutions for a better diagnosis of various pathologies, health care and prevention. These advances allow the remote continuous monitoring of persons, whenever and wherever they are. My-Heart FP6 EU Project integrates these components to develop a new concept of prevention and diagnosis for cardiovascular diseases. The present paper will mainly focus on a Concept of the Project which is called Take-Care and deals with the management, and integration of information for monitoring and personal motivation in the health care environment %26 applications. In its main goal, Take-Care Concept allows the learning in easy way about own self-body responses to different situations in the normal lifestyle: in particular, it offers an evaluation of life quality from sleep performance and stress management based on an integration of information between heart rate variability and respiration signals.

publication date

  • 2008-01-01