Sleep monitoring through a textile recording system Conference Paper uri icon


  • In this paper, we present a home device for the continuous monitoring of sleep and investigate its reliability regarding sleep evaluation. The system has been particularly designed for healthy people and for preventive purposes. It is not obtrusive and therefore can be used every night without impeding sleep in itself and without interfering with the normal way of life. The signal used for sleep evaluation is the HRV derived from the ECG recorded by means of a sheet and a pillow. Patients in a sleep lab and healthy subjects at home were monitored during sleep with the textile system, while also standard ECG and respiration were recorded. For the textile ECG sensor, coverage of the signal on a beat-to-beat basis ranged from 47,9 - 95,8%25 of the overall night for the healthy subjects, with a mean coverage of 81,8%25. In the group of sleep laboratory patients, the mean coverage was lower - 64,4%25 although even in this group the coverage of a single night ranged up to 98.4%25. After frequency analysis, the spectral parameters used for sleep staging and derived at the same time from standard and textile ECG signals were compared. The trends along the night are very similar, indicating the possibility of using textile HRV for sleep evaluation. © 2007 IEEE.

publication date

  • 2007-01-01