Formación y caracterización de materiales vítreos preparados por la técnica sol-gel Article uri icon


  • A full process of preparation and characterization of silica gel, which can be implemented in a experimental course for undergraduate laboratories is presented. Samples of silica gel and sol-gel derived SiO2 films on glass substrates were fabricated and characterized using atomic force microscopy, Raman and infrared absorption techniques. Raman and infrared spectroscopy were used to analyze the local structure. The microestructure characteristics of the films, fabricated by dip-coating, were monitored using atomic force microscopy. The samples were prepared from alcoholic solutions of tetraethylortosilicate (TEOS) keeping the H2O/TEOS and Et-OH/TEOS molars ratios constant and equal to 11.66 and 4 respectively.

publication date

  • 1999-01-01