Photodecomposition of methylene blue by amorphous TiO2, CdS and TiO2-CdS films Conference Paper uri icon


  • TiO2 is one of the most widely studied oxide materials for applications related to photocatalytic processes. It has been reported that TiO2 combined with CdS produces an improvement in the photocatalytic efficiency. This work focuses on the obtainment of TiO2, CdS and TiO2-CdS in situ thin films by the sol-gel/dip coating method. After deposition on glass, each film was calcined at 300 °C in an argon atmosphere for 30 min. The films were characterized by SEM, UV-Vis, XRD and micro-Raman. The TiO2-CdS film showed greater photocatalytic activity than the CdS film in the photodecomposition of methylene blue illuminated with UV light. The XRD analysis shows no defined crystal structure of the thin films.

publication date

  • 2007-01-01