Adsorption of fluoride from water solution on bone char Conference Paper uri icon


  • The effects of solution pH and temperature on the adsorption of fluoride onto bone char made from cattle bones were investigated in this work. It was found that the maximum adsorption took place at pH 3 and the adsorption capacity decreased nearly 20 times augmenting the pH from 3 to 12. This behavior was attributed to the electrostatic interactions between the surface of bone char and the fluoride ions in solution. The adsorption capacity was not influenced by temperature in the range from 15 to 35°C. A comparison of fluoride adsorption capacities among several adsorbents revealed that the adsorption capacity of the bone char was 2.8 and 36 times greater than those of a commercial activated alumina (F-1) and a commercial activated carbon (F-400). The adsorption capacity is considerably dependent upon the physicochemical properties of the bone char surface and the solution pH. © 2007 American Chemical Society.

publication date

  • 2007-01-01