Lead (Pb) exposure is associated with changes in the expression levels of circulating miRNAS (miR-155, miR-126) in Mexican women Article uri icon


  • The environmental contamination with lead (Pb) is considered a critical issue worldwide. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the expression levels of circulating miRNAs (miR-155, miR-126, and miR-145) in Mexican women exposed to Pb. Blood lead levels (BLL) were assessed in enrolled women (n = 190) using an atomic absorption method. Also, serum miRNAs expression levels were quantified through a real-time PCR assay. A mean BLL of 10.5 ± 4.50 μg/dL was detected. Overexpression of miR-155 was detected in highly exposed women. Besides, a significant simple positive relationship (p < 0.05) was found between BLL and serum miR-155 expression levels. Additionally, a significant inverse correlation (p < 0.05) was determined between BLL and serum miR-126 expression levels, as downregulation of miR-126 expression levels was observed in highly exposed women. The findings in this study are the concern, as epigenetic changes detected may represent a connection between health illnesses and Pb exposure. © 2021 Elsevier B.V.

publication date

  • 2021-01-01