Interaction field in nanocrystalline Sm-Fe-Ti alloys Article uri icon


  • Alloys of Sm-Fe-Ti were synthesized by mechanical milling for 5 h; the hysteresis loop for nanocrystalline Sm-Fe-Ti alloys showed bistable behavior, which is partly repressed because of the presence of an effective field. The magnetic properties of remanence for nanocrystalline Sm-Fe-Ti alloys were measured to study the interactions between nanograins. Henkel et al. confirmed the structural disorder of the nanocrystalline Sm-Fe-Ti alloys obtained after 5 h of mechanical milling, while for nanocrystalline Sm-Fe-Ti alloys, obtained by mechanical milling for 5 h and annealing, the predominant effects were due to the mean field. Mössbauer spectroscopy was used to study magnetic interactions in the nanocrystalline Sm-Fe-Ti alloys. © 2020, Springer Science%2bBusiness Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature.

publication date

  • 2020-01-01