A Graphical Probabilistic Representation for the Impact Assessment of Wind Power Plants in Power Systems Article uri icon


  • Traditional methods used for the analysis and design of power systems, like power flow studies (PFS), do not consider any uncertainties. For example, when there is a high penetration of wind power plants (WPPs), whose raw material is intermittent. In this paper is proposed a graphical probabilistic representation (GPR) based on multi-objective performance index (MPI) to assess the impact of the WPPs penetration in power systems. This representation is applied to the southeastern network of Mexico, where there is increasing penetration of WPPs. Besides, a comparative study is presented, with and without a static var compensator (SVC) device connected to the mentioned network, to evaluate the effects of shunt compensation in the point of common coupling (PCC) with WPPs. The results of this comparison are discussed using the GPR proposed. The results show that GPR can be utilized as a useful tool to represent a considerable amount of information in a clear, compact, and single visual representation. © 2020, The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers.

publication date

  • 2020-01-01