Effect of silver nanoparticle-added pit and fissure sealant in the prevention of dental caries in children Article uri icon


  • Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of pit and fissure sealant mixed with silver nanoparticles on dental caries, by means of monthly measurement of fluorescence with DIAGNOdent over six months. Study Design: This study was divided in two phases: experimental and clinical. In the experimental phase, the adhesion and microleakage of the pit and fissure sealant experiment were evaluated. Two groups of 10 teeth, without serious carious lesions, were included. Conventional (group A) and silver nanoparticles (group B) were added to the pit and fissure sealant. For the clinical phase, a split-mouth study was performed on 40 children aged 6-10 years old with healthy, erupted permanent first molars. A conventional pit and fissure sealant or a silver nanoparticle-mixed sealant was randomly placed. Repeated measures analysis was performed. Results: Conventional sealant presented an average microleakage of 30.6%25, and the silver nanoparticle-mixed sealant showed 33.6%25 (P=NS). A three times greater reduction in fluorescence was found in the silver nanoparticles group compared to the conventional group (P<0.05). No sex- or age-based associations were found. Conclusions: The silver nanoparticle-mixed sealant reduced tooth demineralization significantly and likely increased remineralization, compared to the conventional sealant.

publication date

  • 2017-01-01