Baryon magnetic moments in large- N c chiral perturbation theory: Effects of the decuplet-octet mass difference and flavor symmetry breaking Article uri icon


  • The magnetic and transition magnetic moments of the ground-state baryons are computed in heavy baryon chiral perturbation theory in the large-Nc limit, where Nc is the number of colors. SU(3) symmetry breaking is systematically studied twofold: On the one hand, one-loop nonanalytic corrections of orders mq1/2 and mq ln mq are included, with contributions of baryon intermediate states from both flavor octet and flavor decuplet multiplets, assuming degeneracy between baryon states within a given flavor multiplet but nondegeneracy between baryons of different multiplets. On the other hand, perturbative SU(3) symmetry breaking is also analyzed by including all relevant leading-order operators that explicitly break SU(3) at linear order. The resultant expressions are compared with the available experimental data and with other determinations in the context of conventional heavy baryon chiral perturbation theory for three flavors of light quarks and at the physical value Nc=3. The agreement reached is quite impressive. © 2014 American Physical Society.

publication date

  • 2014-01-01