Bactericidal Capacity of Silver Nanoparticles Associated with Gantrez S-97 on Streptococcus Mutans Article uri icon


  • Dental caries is a worldwide public health problem. S mutans plays an important role in the etiology of caries. There have been studies that showed the antimicrobial properties of silver nanoparticles are an effective agent to diminish S. mutans. The objective of this study was to evaluate the bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects of silver nanoparticles in addition to the Gantrez S-27 copolymer, on S mutans. Method: We performed an in vitro experimental study using the liquid microdilution method in order to find the minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) and the minimum bactericidal concentrations (MBCs) with the subcultures obtained. The mixture was obtained by preparing 98 μg/mL of silver nanoparticles (10-3mol) with Gantrez S-27 2%25, in distilled water. The readings were performed 24 hours after incubation and on 3 consecutive days. The results showed an average MIC of 6.12 μg /mL and MBC of 6.12 μg /mL. Conclusion: The addition of Gantrez 2%25 to silver nanoparticles does not alter its antimicrobial effect.

publication date

  • 2010-01-01