Magnetic properties of magnetite nanoparticles synthesized by forced hydrolysis Article uri icon


  • We report the synthesis of superparamagnetic nanoparticles of iron oxide in magnetite phase with diameters of approximately 15 nm. Nanoparticles of magnetite were synthesized by forced hydrolysis method, controlling the oxidation with a nitrogen atmosphere during the synthesis. Nanoparticles were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Mössbauer spectroscopy and vibrating sample magnetometry. Quantitative analysis of crystalline phases was done by performing Rietveld refinement of the XRD profiles. In order to obtain nanometers sizes of magnetite phase solely, the parameters of formation such a pH and molar concentration were analyzed and determined by an equilibrium thermodynamics model with the chemical computer code MINTEQA [Allison Geoscience Consultants, Inc., HydroGeoLogic, Inc., MINTEQA2 for Windows, Equilibrium Speciation Model. Ver 1.5(2003)]. © 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

publication date

  • 2008-01-01