Influence of industrial emissions on the atmospheric aerosol of San Luis Potosí, México [Influencia de emisiones industriales en el polvo atmosférico de la ciudad de San Luis Potosí, México] Article uri icon


  • The city of San Luis Potosí, México, has grown in an area of intense metallurgic activity with more than a century of operations. This metallurgic activity has an impact on the pollution levels for heavy metals particles resulting in health problems in the population, that have been attributed exclusively to the copper and zinc refineries of the city. However, the high industrial development has given place to other important industries located in an area opposed to the location of the metallurgic zone. This industrial area has also considerably contributed to the generation of polluting particles. The measurements of pollution levels of total suspended particles and heavy elements has provided quantitative global information, nevertheless, these studies do not generate specific information on the morphology and chemical composition of the anthropogenic particles, and therefore, it is not possible to associate them to specific types of polluting sources. The aim of this work is to reveal the morphological characteristics and chemical composition of the anthropogenic airborne particles, through electron microscopy techniques, which allow the association with specific industrial emissions. To compare and confirm the origin of the anthropogenic airborne particles, the characterization of some industrial emissions with the same methodology, has also been carried out.

publication date

  • 2006-01-01