Ion exchange of silver (I) from aqueous solution on clinoptilolite [Intercambio iónico de plata (I) en solución acuosa sobre clinoptilolita] Article uri icon


  • The ion exchange isotherm data for silver on clinoptilolite were obtained in an experimental batch adsorber at different pH values and temperatures. The effect of pH was studied by determining the isotherm at pH of 3, 5 and 7 and it was found that the exchange capacity of clinoptilolite for Ag(I) was slightly dependent upon the solution pH. The effect of temperature on the ion exchange isotherm was also investigated and it was noticed that the exchange capacity did not vary significantly when the temperature was increased from 25 to 35°C, but the capacity was increased about 1.5 times when the temperature decreased from 25 to 15°C. The real exchange capacity is almost half the theoretical exchange capacity and threefold the external cationic exchange capacity, and represents 70 %25 of the experimental cationic exchange capacity.

publication date

  • 2005-01-01